Buying a car is fun, but it’s even better with the right car loan

You’ve probably put a lot of thought into the car you’re buying – considering things like make, model, engine capacity and colour.

For most people, finding vehicle finance isn’t nearly so exciting! When it comes to getting the right Sunshine Coast car loan, Viking Mortgage’s award-winning advice and service can take the stress out of finding the perfect fit.

Our car finance experts are financial brokers who specialise in car loans. They will be the intermediary between you and various financing institutions. A car finance expert can usually secure your loan at a much better rate, meaning you save on monthly repayments.

Here’s why people choose Viking Mortgages for their Sunshine Coast car loan.



Choosing the right car finance on the Sunshine Coast can be complicated and stressful. Consulting with various financial institutions to find the best interest rates and terms takes time and effort. Sometimes, you’ll miss important fine print that can cost you money in the long run. The wrong type of loan could see you out of pocket for thousands more than necessary.

Viking Mortgages have access to car loans from multiple lenders. Working with us is a smart way to secure affordable, reliable vehicle finance that meets your personal needs. At no cost to you, we’ll explore the available options, so you can get financing that’s perfectly suited to your needs and budget – minus the hassle.



With relationships with more than six different lenders, Viking Mortgages can offer more car finance options to choose from.

Our industry knowledge and experience mean we can recommend car finance and insurance products that are aligned with your personal needs and circumstances. We’ll find and compare options with flexible terms ranging from 1-7 years.


Personal Service

Viking Mortgages are committed to exceptional service standards, with our dedication to our Sunshine Coast customers being recognised with several awards.

Viking Mortgages’ owner Ditte Moller Westbury knows our success is tied to our service. Many of our car finance clients come through recommendations from their family or friends.

Choosing Viking Mortgages gives you access to a trusted, expert lender who knows how to get you the best deal on the Sunshine Coast. Unlike many large finance companies, Viking Mortgages partner with our customers for the long term. So when you need your next car loan, you’ll come back to us!



Some car dealerships have no qualms getting you to sign an expensive, ill-suited financing option. Not us. We focus on finding the best car finance Sunshine Coast deal for you.

At Viking Mortgages, honesty and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. We will keep you informed every step of the way, from when you first contact us to when you drive off in your new car.

Our car finance experts are also familiar with the car market, so we’ll warn you before you sign anything if we think someone is trying to sell you a vehicle at an above-market price.



At Viking Mortgages, we understand some people don’t meet the strict criteria lenders may be looking for. If you’re in business for yourself, on a pension or have issues with your credit record, getting car finance can be a battle.

Regardless of your situation, Viking Mortgages will fight to find the right car finance and insurance for you. We go in to bat with lenders to ensure our customers get what they need.



Viking Mortgages deliver customer service with a personal touch, in a relaxed, friendly environment. We respond to all Sunshine Coast customer enquiries within two hours

“I work with two local Noosa businesses that are rapidly growing. They buy several vehicles every year through me, because they know I will get them a good deal in a timely manner.”

Ditte Moller Westbury

Let us help you find the perfect car loan, so you can drive away with confidence

Whether you’re after a flash sports car or a work ute, we can organise your car finance

At Viking Mortgages, we know people look for many different things in a car. No matter what you’re after, we can find you the ideal car loan.

We can help you with finance for new and second-hand vehicles and for purchases from dealers and private sellers.

Here’s how it works:

You apply for a loan

You’ll need to provide us with some details about yourself, your finances and the car you’d like to buy.

Talk to our team of experts

Viking Mortgages’ vehicle finance experts will review your situation and compare the car finance options from our suite of lenders, to find one that’s right for you.

Get approved

We’ll work with the lender to get the car loan approval.

Sign a contract

Once your car loan is approved, we’ll organise the contract for you to sign.

Drive away in your new car!

We’ll organise the transfer of funds, so you can drive your new car away with peace of mind.

Personal Service

Avoid the hassle, confusion and wasted time trying to find car finance on the Sunshine Coast by yourself. Let Viking Mortgages do the hard work and find you the very best deal.

Our vehicle finance experts will provide tailored advice and help you find a loan that suits your individual needs and budget.

Choices and Options

We have access to a wide range of Sunshine Coast lenders offering various rates and terms. We can even organise a loan pre-approval, so your financing is ready when you find your perfect car.

Ready to secure your car loan?

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