Nearly 70% of all new home loans are settled with a Mortgage Broker Sunshine Coast

Why do so many people choose to use mortgage brokers in Sunshine Coast?



Looking for the perfect financial loan for your needs can be confusing, time consuming and exhausting. At Viking Mortgages, our local Mortgage Broker take the stress out of looking for a home loan in Maroochydore and all of the Sunshine Coast area. Viking Mortgages have been through this financial process countless times and have relationships with multiple lenders to provide you with more loan options for you to get the property that you want.

At no cost to you, our Mortgage Broker will help you through the maze of paperwork and compliance information required to get a financial loan.  Our Mortgage Broker also help follow up the lender on your behalf to make the entire financial process easy, simple and stress free for you.



Home loan products are often complex and difficult to understand. Viking Mortgages work with multiple lenders in Maroochydore and all areas of Sunshine Coast offering numerous home loans, which gives you more financial options to choose from regardless of your credit situation.

Our knowledge and experience allow Viking Mortgages to recommend products that are aligned with your personal needs. Plus, our Mortgage Broker have a higher success rate of getting a better financial deal from the local lenders in Maroochydore and all areas of Sunshine Coast than you could get by approaching the lenders yourself.


Focus on you, the customer

Viking Mortgages are committed to providing premium quality services. With our experience and our 90% success rate in helping people get loans for property investment, our dedication to our customers has been recognised with several awards.

Viking Mortgages’ owner Ditte Moller Westbury knows our success depends on our exceptional service – because it’s often our local clients who recommend new customers.  Ditte is committed to providing personalised, attentive service to people from all backgrounds and at all stages on their home loan journey.

If you choose Viking Mortgages, it means having a personal lender not only in Maroochydore but all areas of Sunshine Coast who knows how to get the ideal home loan options for you.

Unlike larger companies where staff come and go, Viking Mortgages partner with our customers for the long term. Some clients choose to see us for advice and return a few years later once they’re ready to buy a property or home in Maroochydore or other areas of Sunshine Coast.

We focus on building strong, positive relationships with our clients, not just doing the simple deal today.



Viking Mortgages is a member of MFAA, Australia’s largest peak body overseeing professional mortgage brokers and finance brokers, mortgage managers and aggregators.

We choose operate under a professional code of conduct required by the retail mortgage market. This means Viking Mortgages complies with rigorous industry standards for training, service and professional development.

This gives our customers confidence that their home loan is organised through a qualified, trusted mortgage broker or finance professional.



At Viking Mortgages, we understand some people don’t meet credit requirements or the strict criteria home lenders may need. If you’re in business for yourself, on a pension or have issues with your credit record, the rate of getting a home loan will not be simple and can be a battle.

But with our experience, Viking Mortgages will fight to find the right home loan for you regardless of your credit situation. We go in to bat with the local lenders to ensure our customers get what they need.

Our commitment to helping people get home loans has seen us achieve a 90% success rate, even under the toughest scenarios

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a finance professional who helps people that are looking for the right home loans for their property investment that will suit their unique needs and circumstances. Mortgage brokers can help you access a broad range of loan products from multiple lenders.

A mortgage broker works for their clients, not the lender, and therefore has clients’ best interests top of mind.

At Viking Mortgages, our extensive knowledge and experience means our Mortgage Brokers can recommend home loan products that are best suited to your needs and investment goals.

Mortgage Brokers are making lending personal again.

A mortgage broker is a finance expert that works for you – not the banks – by exploring and recommending financial options for real estate purchases or refinancing and taking care of loan applications. When the application is approved, the mortgage broker oversees signing of the loan documents.

Viking Mortgages provide a personal, transparent service to build confidence and trust during our customers’ significant financial decisions. Call us today!

Viking Mortgages specialise in helping first home buyers

Our Mortgage Brokers have helped more than 150 first home buyers to make their dreams come true.

Mortgage Brokers don’t just help first home buyers get the right home loans regardless of their credit situation. The team at Viking Mortgages know the journey to first home ownership or first property investment is exciting but also overwhelming. That’s why we provide caring business services, personalised guidance and right advice to all our first home buyers especially in Sunshine Coast – from initial contact to when you pop open the champagne in your very own place!

All first home buyers receive our free guide to buying your first home. Plus, Ditte makes herself available 24/7 for first home buyer calls.

Clients often call me while they’re looking at a house with questions like, “What do I say Ditte, when I make the offer?” or “How much deposit should I put down?”

Or my favourite: “We love this house, what do you think, should we put an offer on it?”

Working with us is like having a personal “guide” as you venture through the scary new world of home buying!

Ditte Moller, Viking Mortgages’ owner and director

Download 'The First Home Buyers Guide'


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Home Loans

Here’s a brief outline of what we’ll cover in your FREE 30-minute home loan consultation.

Fact Finding

Much of the 30 minutes is spent gathering important information, which we type into a template.

This information is broken down into three areas. To get the most from the call, we recommend you have a think about them beforehand.

1.Your finances

We’ll ask you questions about your finances, income, debt, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Here are some examples of questions we ask:

  • What is your annual salary? Is this gross (before tax) or nett (after tax)?
  • If you receive overtime or bonuses, what is your base salary?
  • What date (exact) did you start at your current workplace?
  • Do you have any loans? How much is owed? What rate is it on? What are your repayments?
  • Do you have any credit cards? What are the limit and balance amounts? (even if you pay it off regularly)
  • Do you own property? What do you think it is worth?

2. Your goals and wishes

Most importantly, we need to know what you are trying to achieve and why. A good understanding of what you’re hoping to do and why helps us develop a plan together for making it happen!

3. Your background

We need to delve into your employment history, residential history and get some information about your family unit.

Once we have the necessary information, we’ll provide guidance about how to achieve your desired result.

Often, we’ll use this information to calculate your borrowing power and/or the deposit you’ll need to proceed. This will typically take a day or two, because we have to run the figures through several servicing (affordability) calculators.

Personal Service

Our finance professionals will personally make sure you are looked after throughout the entire home loan process. Mortgage Brokers understand it can be quite confusing, and that having direct contact with someone who keeps you updated and guides you all the way.

Choices & Options

Making the right choice, for the most important financial decision of your life, requires the right support from a finance expert. Our finance professional will explore your different mortgage options and will make sure to help you find the loan that’s right for you.

No Cost

Our services do not cost you anything. Our income comes right from commissions our Mortgage Brokers receive from the lender after settlement of your financial loan. It’s therefore in our utmost interests to get you a loan that you need.


At Viking Mortgages, we believe openness and transparency are key to all successful relationships. Our finance professional will keep you informed every step of the way, from when you first call us to when you step through the door of your home.


Our finance professionals are committed to working with people from all backgrounds and have a diverse range of customers. Our finance experts work with many members of the LGBTQI+ community and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Viking Mortgages are dedicated to customer service with a personal touch. Our timely, accurate, personal and professional advice is delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment. We respond to all of our business customer enquiries within two hours.

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